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UV Filter (ultra-violet reducing filters) :
Used to cut through the effects of atmospheric haze and other forms of airborne pollutants, also protect the surface of your lens against scratches, dust, moisture, and fingerprints

CPL Filter (circular polarizer filter) :
CPL filter helps to remove unwanted reflections shooting no-metallic surfaces, such as water or glass. It also provides color and contrast enhancement by reducing glare.

FLD Filter:
Help to correct fluorescent lights when shooting daylight.

ND Filter (neutral density filters): ND2, ND4, ND8
ND filters helps to adjust exposure with affecting color balance, it appears gray and reduce the amount of light reaching the film.

Front Lens Cap:
It protects your lens from scratches, fingerprints and the elements when the lens isn\'t in use, also comes with a lens cap holder keeps your lens cap close at hand.

Lens Hood:
It helps to prevent glare and lens flare by blocking out stray light.

Package included:
1 * UV filter (ultra-violet reducing filters)
1 * CPL filter (circular polarizer filter)
1 * FLD filter
1 * ND2 filter
1 * ND4 filter
1 * ND8 filter
1 * lens hood
1 * front lens cap
1 * lens cap holder
1 * 6 pocket lens filter pouch
1 * clean cloth