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Oписание продукта

Package includes: 


1x ND2 Filter            1x G.ND2 Filter

1x ND4 Filter            1x G.ND4 Filter       

1x ND8 Filter            1x G.ND8 Filter         

1x Blue Filter            1x Graduated Blue Filter

1x Orange Filter        1x Graduated Orange Filter

1x Brown Filter         1x Graduated Brown Filter

1x Pink Filter            1x Graduated Pink Filter

1x Red Filter             1x Graduated Red Filter

1xGreen Filter           1x Graduated Green Filter

1x Yellow Filter         1x Graduated Yellow Filter

1x Purple Filter         1x Graduated Purple Filter

1x ND16                 1x Sunset Filter

4x 6 slot Case

 9pcs Ring Adapter + 1 Filter Holder+1  Filter Wide-Angle Holder + 1Square lens hood

   49mm Ring Adapter x1

   52mm Ring Adapter x1

   55mm Ring Adapter x1

   58mm Ring Adapter x1

   62mm Ring Adapter x1

   67mm Ring Adapter x1

   72mm Ring Adapter x1

   77mm Ring Adapter x1

   82mm Ring Adapter x1

   3 Slots Filter Holder x1

  •  Wide-Angle Holder x 1

        Square lens hood  x1


Digital Professional photographers and keen amateurs highly value the RAW capture as they well know that any software manipulation would result in a loss of quality of their images. The same reckon that many of the COKIN effects can\'t be produced on computer whatever the performance of the software. This is particularly true with all effects related to light management (light polarization, light balance, brightness control, etc) where the quality of the image is fully related to light expertise at time shooting.
This is why most of them now combine the use of this filters with post-production work. Filters not only offer an indispensable support but also allow a considerable amount of time saving in post production software job.
  • Control light and colour directly on your raw images at the time of shooting;
  • Keep the quality of your images without excessive post production work;
  • Create specific effects saving time on your computer.
  • Same filter for all your lenses by just replacing the adaptor ring.
  • Rotate, slide, decentre in all directions for more precision and creativity.

For  Cokin Filter Set

(Third Party) Compatible with Cokin P series.
Gradual filter is a MUST for digital users, because the digital sensor unlike film has very low exposure tolerance. Detail will be lost on both low and high light area. To correct this, you need gradual filter to balance it!

  • Third Party Product
  • Material: Resin
  • Size: 94mm x 83mm

For 9pcs Ring Adapter + 1pcs Filter Holder

The Cokin creative system consists of 3 main components: An Adaptor Ring + A Filter Holder + 1 or more filters.

  • Screw the adaptor ring onto your lens.
  • Slide the filter-holder on the adaptor ring until it snaps in place.
  • Slide the filter (up to 3) into one of the filter-holder slots.

Suitable For

  • Cokin P series Filter
  • 7172737475